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Bespoke Mugs

The Handmade Mug Company has an ever-changing range of beautiful hand thrown and decorated bespoke mugs, that are available to buy if you see something you like, or can be personalised as you wish.

Contact Lisa to check availability and to discuss your requirements here

As is the nature of handmade, no two will ever be identical but they will all be totally unique. A standard mug comes with a plain or patterned background with an imprinted name and a small raised red heart or yellow star on the opposite side.

Options are 1 or 2 Imprinted Words with a Heart or Star with Gold or Silver around the Word and Shape.

Bespoke mugs are handmade to order and can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, please let me know if you have a date you would like it by.

Bowls and Plates

At The Handmade Mug Company, Lisa makes beautiful hand crafted and decorated bowls and plates that are available to buy if you see something you like, or can be personalised as you wish.

Contact Lisa to check availability or to discuss your requirements.

As is the nature of handmade, no two will ever be identical but they will all be totally unique.

Plates are from £25 each.

Bowls are from £80 each.

Chicken Plate

Handcrafted and Hand Painted.

White Earthenware. Approximately 23cm in Diameter.

As seen in the Country Living Magazine.

*Orders can take 3-4 weeks.

Gift Voucher

Treat your loved ones to with one of our extra special gift vouchers.

Whether it be for Paint a Pot or a Product, purchase a Voucher and it will be sent to the recipient via Email.

If the amount isn’t enough for the Workshop or Product in question, the Customer will be able to make up the remaining balance.

Once the Voucher is received, please ring in to book appointments and quote the Voucher code.

If multiple Vouchers for different recipients, please place separate orders to receive separate vouchers.


This versatile ceramic heart makes a great gift tag and can be made in to a card, a wedding favour, place name, napkin tie, a get well, well done or a thank you.
The writing is hand stamped and colour painted.

The hearts are all off white with a choice of pink, purple, aqua, green and grey for the writing.

Approx 5.5cm x 5.5cm at the widest & highest points, made of off white earthenware, coloured to your choice and finished off with a shinny glaze. The back is blank and unglazed.

Please contact Lisa to discuss your requirements.

Little Houses

Little houses are so lovely to put on a shelf or give as a gift. They make great house warming gifts but can also be an everyday gift, just to say thank you, and why not?

Made from Red earthenware and white slip with imprinted lettering.

Little Letters

Individual little ceramic letters and numbers enable you to write any message you’d like, they can be put on a string or framed to send a message or make a name.

Sold as individual letters, random colours and shapes will be selected and strung on Jute string.

Also, Heart and Star buttons make a lovely finishing touch to a string of little letters.

Please tick Hearts, Stars or neither.

Please state the message that you would like to write in the Checkout notes.

Personalised Crayon Mugs

A handcrafted, hand-drawn crayon mug enables you to create a wonderful present. You can choose from a lady with a handbag or a man with a pint, you can even choose from hair colours and style to make it really personal.

Mugs are approximately 8.5cm high x 8.5cm in diameter and will hold about half a pint and are dishwasher proof.

When ordering you have the option to write a short message or repeat a name, time or date as a top and/or bottom border. This will be in small writing and has space for around 36 characters.

Any name can be written in large on the mug, the size of writing will depend on the name. There is space for up to around 14 characters.

Choose from a lady with a handbag or a man with a pint, they come with a sunshine, birds & flowers. Choose hair colour and style.

Personalised Love Mug

This hand thrown and decorated personalised mug offers the perfect present for your loved ones!

This mug enables you to have large writing around the mug such as ‘I Love You’, with the option to write a special message around the base in small writing.

Personalised Wedding Mugs

Handcrafted personalised mugs offer a very popular and much-loved wedding gift. They enable you to put the names of the newly married couple onto the mugs, followed by a red heart.

The names are written in large grey writing with space for about 14 characters. There is a red heart at the end of the name outlined in grey. The mugs are approx 8.5cm high x 8.5cm wide (excluding handles) and will hold about half a pint. They are dishwasher proof.

They come in individual boxes with blue tissue paper for the groom and pink for the bride. Please include the required name in the personalisation box.

Please be aware you are ordering two mugs.

Word Stacks

Make up your own combination of words for a beautiful unique gift for friends and family. Words are all hand cut, hand stamped and hand painted so they will vary in size and colour. 

Be inventive! if you can’t fit your words in, just ask!

Your Drawing on a Mug

This hand thrown, hand drawn crayon mug enables you to create something unique, original and personal!

Send me your drawing and I will redraw it for you on to a mug!

Please make your drawing fairly simple, don’t forget it has to fit on a mug. The available space is approx 7cm high x 22cm wide. Include everything you want on the mug such as names dates and colour etc.

If the drawings are too complicated, I will use my discretion to make it fit.

Mugs are approx. 8.5cm high x 8.5cm wide and hold about half a pint and are packaged in a box.

Handmade personalised mugs can take 2-4 weeks, please let me know if you need it for a specific date