Lisa’s journey started by being part of a creative family, Dad was in dying and finishing but had a love of renovating old houses, Mum always encouraged creativity and loved passing on her knowledge, ideas and was inspired by her children’s innovation and inventiveness.

Lisa has always had a fascination of ceramics and enjoyed attending pottery classes at school and then later night classes with Dad. Lisa went on to become a designer in Fashion and Interiors. This still left Lisa with a ‘something is missing feeling’ so Lisa decided to enrol in a Foundation Course at Loughborough College of Art and Design initially thinking she would study fine art but after a paper clay project found her vocation in clay.

Lisa loves pattern and combining colours that you would not necessarily put together, building up layers; it is all about visuals for Lisa and creating interesting surfaces. India was such an inspiring place because it is so creative and colourful, so very labour intensive and so much effort and time goes into creating beautiful fabrics and buildings. Lisa loved the painting on the lorries and carts, the woman in their amazing sarees, the wonderful bright lights and even the noise.  It is not any one thing that inspired Lisa, but she does come home buzzing with ideas and is desperate to create.

The Handmade Mug Company was born in February 2010, the aim being to create beautiful handmade gifts. Lisa’s thinking was ‘everyone uses a mug and if it could be personalised, they wouldn’t already have one’. Lisa quickly expanded her range to include several other personalised items including bowls, plates, and other smaller pieces such as hearts, houses, word stacks and letters.

All pottery is made by Lisa, using hand thrown and hand building techniques.  Making a pot is personal and unique as no two pots will every be exactly the same which is a wonderful thing.

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Examples of our Work